Latin American Textualities: History, Materiality & Digital Media. Eds. Heather Allen (University of Mississippi) & Andrew Reynolds. Tuscon, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 2018.

Latin American Textualities brings together a wide range of scholars to investigate the broad field of textual scholarship in the region. As a compilation by researchers of textual studies and Latin American cultures and literatures, our book explores themes of textualities through multiple theoretical lenses. Its primary focus is on the fundamental role that the text and its materiality, technological manifestations and production have on Latin American culture, history and identity. The body of the book is divided into three distinct sections: “Reading History through Textuality,” “Textual Artifacts and Materialities” and “Digital Textualities, Media and Editing,” bookended by an introduction by the editors and an afterword.

Reviewed in:   

Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 54.1 (March 2020): 288-290 (Shelley Garrigan)

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